Products - Fasteners


We provide almost all types of industrial fasteners. These fasteners are made of high quality raw materials like stainless steel, alloy steel, nickel alloy and non ferrous materials. These fasteners have excellent corrosion resistant, durability, reliability and precision. Widely used across several industries, our metal and alloy fasteners conform to the international quality standards such as DIN, ANSI, ASTM, BS, BIS, etc. We also extend custom production of fasteners in bulk according to the customers' samples or drawings.

Hex Head Bolts

Hex bolts, also known as hex cap screws or machine bolts. Available in steel grade 8.8, steel grade 10.9 and stainless steel A-2 (18-8). Fully or partially threaded.

Machine Screws

Machine screws are available in stainless steel in 2 styles.

Allen Head Bolts

Socket screws, also known as Allen head are fastened with a hex Allen wrench. Available in several head styles and materials.

Hex Nuts

Used to attach machine thread fasteners. Available in several styles and materials.


Washers provide a greater bearing surface under the fastener. This helps prevent a nut, bolt or screw from pulling through the material.

Eye Bolts

Eye bolts with metric thread.


Spacers are used in through-bolting applications to maintain space between components.

Chrome Bolt Cover

Bolt Covers are placed on bolts to provide a decorative appearance.

Shoulder Bolts

Spacers are used in through-bolting applications to maintain space between components.


Pre-assembled metric fastener assortments. Available in metal trays and plastic boxes.

Cotter Pins

Cotter pins are used to secure castle nuts, slotted nuts, and clevis pins.

Elevator Bolts

Elevator bolts are often used in conveyor systems. They have a large, flat head.

Hanger Bolts

Hanger bolts have wood thread on one end and machine thread on the other end.


Bolts in U shape for attaching to pipe or other round surfaces. Also available with a square bend.


J shaped bolts are used for tie-downs or as an open eye bolt.

Thread gauges

Very useful to determine the thread pitch and diameter of bolts and machine screws.