Products - Rubber Sheets & Components

Rubber Sheets

Natural Rubber / SBR Sheets:
Very Good mechanical properties, Good weather resistance, fair to good alkali and acid resistance.
Affected by oils, fats, and fuels and oxidizing acids.

EPDM Rubber Sheets:
Excellent weather, ozone and steam resistance.
Moderate resistance to acids.

Neoprene Rubber Sheets:
Excellent weather resistance, good mechanical properties.
Moderately resistant to oils and fats.

Viton Rubber Sheets:
Excellent resistant to ozone, oxygen, mineral, oil synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuel, solvents & chemicals
High resistant to temperature (+300°C to -20°C)

Silicone Sheets

We offer exclusive range of silicon rubber sheets, which is made of premium grade silicon polymer. This provides excellent mechanical and chemical properties to our range of silicon sheets, which makes it compatible in today’s most demanding industrial applications.

Excellent resistance for extreme temperatures.
Good resistance to oil and water.
Superior tensile strength, tear strength and compression set.
Susceptible to ozone, steam, UV and heat.
Resistant to chemicals.


Standard o-ring sizes (imperial and metric) are available Custom O-ring are available standard cross-sections (imperial and metric) to any length or ID. They will be moulded or spliced using vulcanizing or adhesive depending upon application. We can also supply encapsulated o-rings where one material is covered with continues layer of All another material.

Materials (Hardness: 60-90 Shore A): O Nitrile (NBR/Buna-N), Hydrogenated Nitrile Rubber (HNBR), o Flouroelastomer (FPM/FKM/VITON), o EPDM, O Neoprene, 0 Silicone, 0 PTFE

Quality Grade: O Advantage Standard O Ring Kits NBR 70 and NBR 90 are the Imperial (AS Standard) and Metric Sizes. O Automotive Air Condition Kit. This O Ring Kit HNBR 70 is used in R12 or R134 a refrigerant for car’s air conditioning system which is compatible with types. We have manufactured O-Rings of up to 3000mm ID and cross section up to 22mm.


We specialize in manufacturing rubber diaphragms for the Gas Industries. We manufacture high quality diaphragms that are used in various industrial applications as an isolator of different enclosures, usually; these diaphragms are used in pumps, valve, regulators, accumulators, actuators etc. Our wide range of diaphragms is fabricated using superior quality materials so that they effectively work in different working environments. Diaphragms are usual fabric reinforced and used with air or fluid media.

Oil Seals

We provide finest quality Oil Rubber Seals which when mounted correctly, can withstand a large amount of pressure. These can be used in hydraulic cylinders to prevent hydraulic fluid leakage and allows the system to withstand the pressures developed during operating. We manufacture different types of oil seals of single lip profile and double lip profile that are used in various industrial applications. We use synthetic rubber to manufacture various types of seals. Our range is offered in different colours, shapes and sizes. We also take manufacturing orders for customized products developments. Raw Material: HNBR, VITON, SILICON, NITRILE in addition we can also make seals from other rubber materials, as per the clients preferences.

PU Seals

PU is one of the most commonly used elastomer in most of industries, when high levels of abrasion are present. This abrasion are resistance is combined with high load & impact bearing capabilities that make polyurethane the material of choice for a number of machines and other engineering products.

Rubber Bellows

We are manufacturer of pre-engineered rubber bellows to meet their individual requirements. Our strict manufacturing processes and quality control procedures insure a precise product every time. Single arc and double arc bellows are available in sizes 1" through 50" diameter. Rubber bellows can be made in most rubber compound. The rubber grades used for the inner and outer ply are empirically defined rubber compound rated to certain properties. An expansion joint is a device used to allow movement in a piping system while containing pressure and the medium running through it.